DungeonMorphs serve 3 purposes (our book helps with these if you want more help):

  1. They help you get past a creative block when designing dungeons (or cavern, city, village, etc.).  Roll a few and look for interesting combinations or think of who might be stationed in that section and how they might interact with other forces on that design or adjacent designs.
  2. You can use them to run a dungeon-on-the-fly. If you’re great at improv or you have a few good resources (lists of creatures appropriate for the party, trap ideas, treasure generators, etc.) you can just roll a few dice (or type out an area using the font or arrange some of the cards) and create an adventure area instantly.
  3. Use them for solo/co-op Role-playing games.  Many of these types of RPGs have map generators built in–but you can substitute DungeonMorphs!  Or add them to a solo-co-op RPG that isn’t normally as map-focused.