Book of Modular Encounters

Book of Modular Encounters

So far, we’ve made one book of ideas populating the DungeonMorph designs to help you use them in your games.  The book goes with our Delver, Trailblazer, & Voyager sets.

The book is a series of modular mini-dungeons and descriptions for role-playing games that can be put together in any way you desire. The map designs match DungeonMorph Dice (Delver, Trailblazer, and Voyager sets) and the matching cards. But those are not necessary.

Think of this book as an “idea factory”. It contains hundreds of mini-adventure ideas for dungeon designs. Though many GMs can think of encounters on the fly while using the DungeonMorphs, some GMs may need a few ideas to get started. Even GMs who are excellent at improvisation may find pre-written ideas helpful. Each map design has a main encounter idea with a fair amount of detail, as well as a few alternate scenarios.

The descriptions, factions, traps, and treasure in this book are intended for fantasy games. However, you can easily take inspiration from them and adapt them to other genres. Alien worlds, spaceships, and temples hidden in the subways can be portrayed with these designs. The suggested plots or purposes can be adapted too.

Get a sample PDF, or order the full PDF and/or physical book.