Revised DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Sets Now Available

In 2011, Inkwell Ideas launched a Kickstarter to create the original DungeonMorph dice sets. It funded three sets of five 1" dice where each side of each die is engraved with a different dungeon or cavern design. Each edge of each design includes two corridors at the same spot so any two designs can be joined together.

With these dice creating a random dungeon for a tabletop RPG is easy: grab a few, roll them, push them together and you're ready to go!

Now in 2014, these dice are being recreated with higher production values: there are fewer stray marks, the dice are more true and the map areas of solid rock are a prettier rock pattern instead of simple slanted lines.

The explorer sets are now available through the Inkwell Ideas web store. The Adventurer and Spellunker sets will be available in early October. The discount code "OffsetShipping" will give US addresses free shipping, while international shipping will be reduced by $6.

The DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Set includes 30 designs related to kill zones (traps), learned areas (libraries, mage's sanctums, etc.), prisons, tombs and unusual dungeon areas. While each die features designs with one of these concepts in mind, each die also includes a couple of fairly generic sides for general use. Even the designs with a specific purpose can be reused by making a small change such as switching a portcullis to regular doors.

A Kickstarter for new designs is planned for this fall. Contact Joe Wetzel at for further information.

About Inkwell Ideas

Founded nearly 10 years ago, Inkwell Ideas has focused on creating tabletop RPG Software (Hexographer, Cityographer, Dungeonographer, the Coat of Arms Design Studio) and accessories (DungeonMorph Dice & Cards, Creature & Encounter Decks). It also hosts a blog of RPG advice, free tools, random charts, etc. It has earned three ENnie nominations and 2 Honorable Mentions.

DungeonMorph Dice

The initial DungeonMorph Project... roll an instant random dungeon! Strike fear into your players' hearts with a never-ending dungeon always ready to go. Large 1" dice allow for a 10 square x 10 square design. Three different sets of five dice each are available:

Adventurer 5-Dice Set$19.95
Explorer 5-Dice Set$19.95
Spellunker 5-Dice Set$19.95

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DungeonMorph Cards

Deal a dungeon! DungeonMorph cards are a deck of 90 2.5" x 2.5" cards with all 90 DungeonMorph designs on the front. The back of each card is the mirrored version of the front allowing for even more combinations.


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DungeonMorph Font

Type a dungeon! The DungeonMorph font is a set of eight font files you install on your computer. (Windows, Mac or Linux.) Once installed, open any program that lets you type in different fonts and choose a DungeonMorph font and type out your dungeon. (Each of the eight font files corresponds to a different rotation (90 degrees, 90 degrees and flipped, 180 degrees, 180 degrees and flipped, etc.) of all 90 DungeonMorph designs.


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DungeonMorph Battlemats

The DungeonMorph battlemats are all 90 DungeonMorph designs created as battlmats in pdf and Dungeonographer (map editing software) formats. The battlemats were created at a 1"=5' scale, where each DungeonMorph design represents a 100'x100' area. The resulting battlemats are 20"x20" at 300dpi. Each DungeonMorph is done as a single large PNG image and as a multi-page (US Letter) PDF. Also included are versions of each design in the Dungeonographer file format. Dungeonographer is a slick map editor with a free version.

Currently free to download.